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Colchester Cine & Video Club

Colchester Cine & video was established over 40 years ago by a group of Amateur filmmakers. The aim of the club is to help and assist cine & video enthusiasts To make films & Videos look more professional. With Computer editing now being more affordable to the amateur the club now has a wide range of knowledge and experience amongst it's members using Off line editing equipment. The majority of members use PC's with either DV500, Pyro, DC30+ capture cards there are also Mac and Casablanca owners. The Club is keen to assist anyone who shows a keen interest in Film/Video making what ever their skills or equipment. The club has produced films for various organizations, including a Promotional video for Scouts Offshore, and for the last five years has Filmed The Blackwater Sailing Barge match. This years Barge match will be on July 14th 01. Starting from Maldon Quay Essex. At present a 5 camera shoot is being planned, with the possibility of a sixth being required. Please note this page is still under construction.

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When and where To Find Us!

Meetings are held on every Tuesday 19:45-21:45 September till May. You can find us at. St Helena School (Drama Studio) Sheepen Road Colchester Essex England

Roger Allen

United Kingdom

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